‘They Are Trying To Break Our Will’: Alex Jones Joins Steve Bannon To Discuss The Midterms & More

The two titans of populism lay out the $2.75 TRILLION punitive damages request against Jones and Bannon's 4-month jail sentence by sham Jan. 6 committee.

Image Credits: Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images.

Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast on Saturday to break down the Biden regime’s targeted persecution of its political enemies with just weeks to go until the midterm elections.

Jones explained that the $2.75 TRILLION punitive damages request by the Sandy Hook families against him is meant to create a “giant chilling effect” on free speech.

“This is meant to scare everybody ahead of the midterms and put a giant chilling effect onto free speech,” Jones said.

“Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, but they’ve done this to intimidate the listeners to think ‘well, that’s it for Jones, I shouldn’t support him. He’ll never be able to pay 2 trillion 750 billion,’” he continued.

“That’s just meant to demoralize us, to make us give up, but it’s only going to make my listeners fight harder, they see right through it,” he added.

Jones also noted that Bannon’s 4-month jail sentence over contempt of Congress charges by the Jan. 6 Committee is indicative of Biden’s political persecution and desperation as the midterms close in, especially given Obama allies like Eric Holder and Louis Lerner had previously received the same charges but never saw any jail time.