‘This is Just Devastation’: Funeral Industry Insider Says She’s Inundated with Heart Attack, Stroke, Blood Clot Victims

'We've had enough! We don't want to see the little kids getting jabbed,' says funeral worker.

Image Credits: Pascal Deloche / Getty Images.

A funeral worker in Sydney, Australia, says the deceased are being cremated in droves after dying from vaccine-related side effects – and warns children are next.

The mortician interviewed at a recent rally said she’s come across numerous young men who’ve died from “heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.”

“And the odd thing we’re finding is the paperwork is inconclusive and unknown,” she revealed.

“No services; straight to the furnaces, and then the people are getting the ashes back with the urn.”

The number of deaths has become so large that many funeral homes are being forced to obtain large freezers to store the dead, she said.

“Some of the places are actually installing extra-large freezers that hold a minimum of 20 – and some of them are ordering eight big containers that each hold 20 bodies,” she added.

The rattled worker is worried she’ll soon start seeing an increase of children in the morgue due to vaccine-related deaths.

“Everyone just needs to realize – don’t do it man, look at it from us. We’ve had enough. We don’t want to see the little kids getting jabbed,” the woman says, refusing to identify the morgue she works at.

“Don’t do the kids, guys,” she warned, adding, “They have a life ahead of them and we’re seeing the other side of this and – this is just devastation.”

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