Thousands march through London calling on government to scrap plans to give Covid jab to children

Chanting 'arrest Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty'

Image Credits: SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty Images.

Thousands of anti-vaccine protesters descended on London today chanting ‘arrest Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty’ as they called on the government to scrap its plans to give the Covid jab to children.

Anti-vaxxers were seen marching past Camden Town station and heading through Leicester Square before arriving at Downing Street on Saturday as they protested against mandatory vaccination passports and the vaccination of teenagers. 

Protesters held signs reading ‘stay away from our kids’, ‘I’m not an experiment’ and a young boy held a card with the words, ‘Leave us alone, I’m a child, I can’t consent’.

It comes after the school rollout of jabs for children aged 12 to 15 was given the go ahead last week, with the vaccinations set to start on Wednesday.  

The event was being held as part of the World Wide Rally For Freedom, a worldwide effort to ‘denounce Covid-19-related policies and restrictions on movement and activity’ which also saw marches take place in other cities around the UK including Manchester and Cardiff.

An anti-vaxxer was seeing throwing red eggs that looked like fake blood at police officers outside Downing Street during the demonstration.

Two people were arrested for criminal damage and affray following an incident after the march reached Downing Street. 

This afternoon at 2:48pm, the Metropolitan Police tweeted: ‘There is currently a march in the Euston area, which is heading towards the West End. Officers are with the march, which is moving through the area causing a minor disruption to traffic.’

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