Thousands of ‘Child Migrants’ Moved to New Emergency Intake Site

"Fort Bliss" site reportedly equipped to handle thousands more.

Image Credits: Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty.

Federal authorities have moved thousands of ‘child migrants’ to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, according to reports.

Nearly 3,000 illegal aliens claiming to be underage have already been transferred from the border to a facility deemed the “Fort Bliss Emergency Intake Site,” which was established just weeks ago amid a historic surge of underage illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

The migrants are boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 17, Department of Health and Human Services officials told local media.

“The Fort Bliss EIS provides needed capacity to accept children referred by Customs and Border Protection into ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) care where they can be safely processed, cared for, and either released to a sponsor or transferred to an appropriate ORR shelter for longer-term care,” authorities said in statement.

The Fort Bliss site is reportedly equipped to handle up to 5,000 residents.

Officials claim arrivals are screened for COVID and administered tests every three days.

Migrant minors are being shuttled to facilities around the U.S., including convention centerstemporary camps, and even a NASA research center.

The Biden administration recently selected the Pennsylvania International Academy in Summit Township as one of the latest ’emergency intake’ facilities for child migrants.

A Boeing 737 contracted by the federal government transported 146 girls from El Paso to Erie International Airport on Tuesday night, with coach buses bringing them to their final destination.

A dormitory at the school designed to house 648 students has been repurposed to hold foreign unaccompanied minors, the majority of whom reportedly have family members already in the U.S.

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