Toddler Refused Heart Surgery in Three Separate Countries Over PARENTS Being Unjabbed

Image Credits: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.

A Cypriot toddler has been refused necessary heart surgery in three separate countries over the fact his parents were not vaccinated.

A three-year-old Cypriot toddler with a serious heart disease was refused necessary surgery in three separate countries because his parents are not vaccinated against the Chinese Coronavirus.

The child is now finally awaiting surgery in Greece.

According to a report by Politico, hospitals in Cyprus were unable to conduct the surgery, and so the young child was scheduled for the procedure in a hospital in Frankfurt.

However, a day before the boy was to be taken by air ambulance to Germany, the hospital cancelled the procedure over the fact that the parents were not jabbed against COVID-19.

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A suggestion from the Cypriot authorities that the child instead travel for the surgery with a legal guardian instead of his parents was also refused.

Politico reports that the child was then refused surgeries in both the UK and Israel over his parents’ unjabbed status, both of whom subsequently received jabs on Thursday.

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