Tommy Robinson Hints at Parliament Run

Working class hero could galvanize Brexit movement

Image Credits: Photo by Jack Taylor / Getty Images.

Tommy Robinson foreshadowed a possible run for UK Parliament during a demonstration against “Brexit Betrayal” in London.

The anti-Islamization figurehead and newly-appointed UKIP advisor delivered a rousing speech to a large crowd while hinting at possible aspirations to serve as a Member of Parliament to raucous cheers.

“Let this be the start of a political mass movement in this country to represent every single one of you that feels voiceless, that has no representation,” Robinson said following a call upon his audience to join UKIP alongside him.

“When I went to the House of Lords with Lord Pearson and I saw the reaction, and I saw MPs, whilst under Parliamentary privilege, saying disgraceful lies about me, I sat for the first time and thought: ‘One day, I’ll be sitting in there amongst you.'”

Robinson had been welcomed by Lord Malcolm Pearson and UKIP leader Gerard Batten as their guest for lunch at the House of Lords following Robinson’s release from prison in what many believe was a targeted attempt by the British government to silence one of their most ‘troublesome’ thought criminals.

“I keep hearing them talk about the economy, and fear-mongering about it,” Robinson said of politicians and the media in regards to Brexit. “I think most people I know who voted didn’t think about the economy — they thought more about their culture and their identity.”

“There’s no one who speaks about the issues that affect me and my town and the issues that are going to affect my children’s future.”

A hero to the British working class, Robinson could serve as a galvanizing force for a party that has seen its ups and downs, recently with the departure of its most well-known figure, Nigel Farage, who opposed Batten’s recent appointment of Robinson as an advisor on matters related to ‘grooming gangs’ and corruption in prisons.

“When I take my advice from people, whether they be prison officers or police officers, I like to get it first-hand from the people on the front line,” Batten said in recent interview defending the move to bring Robinson aboard.

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