TPUSA Event Features “Strippers” Blasting Cash Through Cannon Into Teenage Crowd

Image Credits: @LibertyHangout/Twitter.

A “conservative” event by Turning Pointing USA featured two scantily-clad women firing cash through a cannon into a crowd of cheering Republican teenagers.

Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA 2020 Student Action Summit conference on Sunday was sponsored by Bang Energy’s “Bang Girls”, who blasted free cash into crowd of college and high school students.

“Folks, we are trying to get that thing [money cannon] rolling,” Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc stated before blasting out the free cash at the supposedly anti-socialism conference.

Naturally, the event prompted many actual conservatives to raise their eyebrows at the strip club-styled free money extravaganza.

Turning Point USA is a notorious vehicle for Conservative Inc. aka the Republican establishment, who is more focused on the needs of Israel and corporations than America’s borders and national security.

What exactly is TPUSA “conserving”?

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