Tragic: Ukrainian Mother Speaks Out After 6-Year-Old Daughter Killed By Ukrainian Shelling

A six-year-old girl died and two other children were injured in the attack

Image Credits: infowars.

Independent journalist Eva K. Bartlett released a video report on Wednesday exposing a June attack the Ukrainian military launched on civilians in the Donetsk city of Makiivka.

According to Bartlett, “Ukrainian shelling of the Donetsk People’s Republic city Makiivka on June 21 killed another child and injured two more.”

In the video, Bartlett claimed the June 21 attack killed six-year-old Polina Grebennikova and injured two other kids, a July 3 attack killed three more civilians and a July 7 shelling killed five more, including three kids.

“I went to Makiivka on June 29th to speak with family members about the June 21st bombing,” she explained.

Polina’s mother Nina spoke about her daughter’s death, saying her husband arrived home from work and the couple took their three daughters out for a walk, along with their neighbor and her two children.

While the group strolled around their city, incoming shells exploded over their heads and everyone fell to the ground.

When their neighbor started screaming, Nina ran up to Polina who was lying flat on the ground.

The child was found in a pool of blood and was immediately taken to the hospital via ambulance.

The young girl made it to the hospital and was placed in the ICU, but she tragically perished from the injuries two days later.

“We don’t want this war, we don’t deserve this and neither do our children. She was only six,” the mother told the camera as she wiped tears from her face. “We were getting ready for school. She was reading her ABC book. Now, it’s all over. She’ll never start school now.”

Next, Bartlett talked with the headmaster of school 56 in Makiivka, Tatyana Ivanovna.

The headmaster said the shelling of her city is “intentional” and that the Ukrainian military “aims at schools.”

“They are now shelling, schools, hospitals, the entire infrastructure of the DPR and LPR,” she explained.

Beginning to cry, Ivanovna asked, “Why do Ukrainians hate us? Why does Europe hate us? What did we do wrong to America? Why do they hate us?”

The mother of a young girl named Mira who was injured by a Ukrainian strike told Bartlett her daughter had gone to buy a soda at a local store when she was hurt.

“Mira returns afraid, she puts money on the table and says, ‘I’m bleeding.’ I look and she’s got a hole in her leg. I become hysterical. I call my husband, he grabs our youngest and rushes home,” the mother said.

Luckily, Mira went through a successful surgery the day after she was struck and the shrapnel in her leg was removed.

The young girl has been hiding out in bomb shelters since she was five years old in 2014.

The mother even said Mira once asked her if the war had been going on “forever,” showing she’s never known a time of peace.

Western media continues to ignore evidence of Ukrainian war crimes even as the UN was recently forced to admit the nation’s military used elderly civilians in a nursing home as human shields.