Trans Doll For Children Features Pigtails, A Dress and A Penis

Feminine 'trans' doll comes with benis

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Many online are questioning why a transgender doll, complete with male genitals and pigtails, is being pushed on children.

The doll was reportedly found at a Russian toy shop called Planeta Igrushek (Planet of Toys) in the town of Novosibirsk, according to

On Wednesday, photos of the blonde doll with a penis and testicles under its dress began circulating on social media, where many asked whether it was age-appropriate, or really necessary at all.

One Russian social media user reportedly asked, “Is it ok to produce toys like that for children?”

“All they have to do is buy a medical tool kit and the kid can learn how to amputate,” another user reportedly joked.

Others asked whether the male sex organ could possibly be a manufacturer’s defect: “Have you considered that it could simply be a manufacturing defect? Or they accidentally put a female head on a male body?”

“What the F? Since when do dolls have ‘genitals’ at all? Now a Tgirl doll? We are spinning off quite fast into insanity,” said a US Twitter user.

Another person on Twitter joked the doll resembled Canadian trans activist Jessica Yaniv.

Jessica Yaniv, a trans woman, is demanding that women be forced to perform services on her male genitalia against their will.