Trans Flight Attendant Featured in United Airlines Ad Commits Suicide

Kayleigh Scott made headlines after appearing in a video for United's 'Transgender Day of Visibility' campaign in March 2020.

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

A transgender flight attendant who appeared in an ad from United Airlines about diversity and inclusion reportedly committed suicide this week.

Kayleigh Scott, 25, committed suicide after making an emotional post on social media.

“As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better,” Scott wrote. “To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated.”

The New York Post reports Scott “made headlines” after appearing in a video for United’s “Transgender Day of Visibility” campaign in March 2020.

“There was so much pain behind that sweet boy’s eyes … This is a story that I know is so important for me to continue sharing,” Scott states in the video. “Not for me, but for those out there who are still fighting social norms, the boundaries set upon them, fighting themselves. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, pan, whatever, whoever you identify as, come out to be counted.”

Reached for comment by the Post, United stated, “We are incredibly saddened by the tragic loss of Kayleigh Scott and extend our deepest condolences to her family, friends and co-workers.”

There is significant mental health data showing rates of suicide, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts are disproportionately high among young transgender individuals.