Trans Teacher Who Threatened to Shoot Students Removed from School

Department of Education claims teacher was fired only after informing Superintendent of incident.

Image Credits: FatCamera/Getty Images.

A transgender teacher who allegedly threatened to harm students has finally been removed from a Florida school days after the revelations first came to light.

The Department of Education released a statement Friday confirming that transgender teacher Alexander Renczkowski has been terminated from the Fox Chapel Middle School in Hernando County after the department informed the Superintendent.

“Earlier this week, the Department was informed of a situation regarding student safety at a school in Hernando County. Upon the Department bringing the concern to the Superintendent Wednesday evening, only then did the district remove the teacher from the school, effective yesterday, Thursday, April 13. Therefore, the teacher is no longer at the school.”

An incident report from March 24 obtained by Moms for Liberty’s Hernando County chapter revealed Renczkowski had suicidal feelings and considered shooting up students.

The Hernando County School District’s mental health coordinator then Renczkowski, aka “Ashlee,” and determined he didn’t meet the threshold for involuntary institutionalization.

Police confiscated three firearms and ammunition from Renczkowski’s home, the report noted.

Renczkowski was allowed back in the classroom the next day.

Parents were outraged after learning about the incident from the media and not the school first.

“It took roughly two and a half weeks for them to even say anything to the parents and send some kind of — excuse my language — bulls**t recording. And it’s because of a local reporter here, Tom Lemons. He broke the article,” a father of a 12-year-old student of the school told the Daily Caller.

A statement by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office goes into more detail about the incident:

“On 03-24-23, the HCSO was notified of, and did investigate, an event at Fox Chapel Middle School,” the sheriff’s office said. “The investigation revealed that no criminal offense(s) occurred; therefore, no arrest(s) could be made. Further, deputies found that the individual did not, at that moment, meet the required criteria for involuntary commitment under the Baker Act.”

This comes just weeks after 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale gunned down 3 children and 3 adults at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

The pressing question in the wake of these development is why did it take so long for this trans teacher to be removed from the school?

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