Transgender Kids? Father Shows Son Identifying as an “Egg Omelette”

Ex-NBA star claimed son told him he was transgender aged 3.

Following ex-NBA star Dwyane Wade’s claim that his son identified as transgender aged just 3, a father posted a video of his son of the same age identifying as an egg omelette.

Earlier this week, Wade told Good Morning America his son made the gender determination as a toddler.

In response to the claim, a father posted a clip where he read out a series of gender identities to gage his 3-year-old son’s response.

“Are you a egg omelette?” asked the father, to which the toddler responded by nodding his head.

“Are you a transgender?” he then asked, to which his son again nodded his head.

“Are you a X-Box 360 with a Playstation core?” he asked, eliciting the same response.

“How in the fuck does a 3-year-old identify as a woman, and my son is 3, and he identifies as a fucking egg omelette?” asked the father.

The purpose of the video is clear. 3-year-old toddlers don’t know about anything, much less the intricacies of identity politics and gender expressions.


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