Travelers Opt For Steep Fines Instead of Invasive COVID Screening in UK

'They don't want the UK government to have their personal details,' border official says

Image Credits: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Images via Getty Images.

Some travelers entering the United Kingdom by plane are opting to pay steep fines rather than submit mandatory COVID test results and contact tracing information to border officials, according to reports.

New rules require flyers prove they are not infected with the novel coronavirus by producing test results obtained less than 72 hours before arriving in the country.

However, some U.K. citizens are reportedly choosing to incur stiff penalties of up to £6,400 (~$8,700) instead of complying with increasingly oppressive public health regulations.

“We have people landing and choosing the fine instead. It’s not common but it does happen,” border officer Lucy Moreton told the Daily Mail. “We can speculate that it is because they don’t for some reason want the UK government to have their personal details.”

“We can’t detain or arrest them if they have a right of entry into the UK. We can only refuse people who don’t have right of entry.”

Mandatory quarantine rules still apply to virtually all travelers arriving from abroad, and violators can be hit with fines as high as £10,000 (~$13,600) for non-compliance.

International travel has become a tedious and complex affair as governments continue to change rules and tighten the screws of medical tyranny.

In Belgium, travelers who arrive from ‘high-risk areas’ must now quarantine and take COVID tests on the first and seventh days after their arrivals or face fines of approximately $300.

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