Triggered Vox Journo Counts Number of “F*cks” in Trump “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Tweet

'Pearl-clutching from the dregs of journalism at Vox is so delicious,' says one Twitter user

A Vox journalist went through and counted the number of times the word “fuck” was used in a clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm recently tweeted out by President Trump.

On Monday night, the president surprised many when he tweeted a clip from episode 1 Season 10 of HBO’s hit show starring Seinfeld creator Larry David, in which the show’s protagonist realizes the power of the red MAGA hat.

“TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” Trump wrote in the tweet, accompanied by a clip where David defuses an angered motorcyclist, who he accidentally cut off on the highway, by apologizing while wearing the MAGA hat.

The tweet was hailed as one of Trump’s greatest trolls, especially given the show’s creator, who portrays Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live, is no Trump supporter.

However, for one Vox journalist it was too much, and he counted every single time the word “fuck” was used in the clip in an attempt to argue sharing the video was somehow beneath the office of the president.

“The president of the United States posts a 28 second clip in which the word ‘fuck’ is used seven times,” said Vox writer Aaron Rupar.

Twitter users mocked Rupar, asking if he would be okay, among other criticisms.

While pretending to clutch his pearls over the President’s naughty language, a past tweet from Rupar, meanwhile, shows he watches Curb Your Enthusiasm and describes it as “great stuff.”

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