TRUCKING FOR FREEDOM: Convoy Docuseries Exposes Tyrannical Biden & Trudeau Regimes

Learn the truth about the Canadian Trucker Convoy's mass protest against Trudeau's government and what it means for the future of Canada.

Image Credits: screenshot/Trucking For Freedom.

A collective of patriotic filmmakers have released an eye-opening docuseries about the Canadian Freedom Convoy that defied Prime Minister Trudeau’s tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates and his subsequent crackdown of the convoy’s nationwide peaceful uprising.

Trucking For Freedom” is a six-part series, with the first episode called “How We Got Here” now available on Rumble.

The description reads:

“For thirty-three days, the world watched. Crossing ten provinces and three territories, thousands of trucks traversed the highways and by-ways of Canada’s northern climes in this exclusive docuseries offering an immersive look into an extraordinary moment in Canadian history. The Chronicle Brothers embedded themselves within the Canadian Trucker Convoy, capturing the unifying pulse of everyday people.”

“The directors blend interviews and live footage, journaling unbiased truths intrinsically viewed through a camera lens. They expose the raw emotion and purpose of those who felt compelled to embark on a journey fraught with both joy and sorrow.”

“The film lays bare a deep and broadening divide within a country known for unity and trust, and how two years of lockdowns illuminated the disparity in the working class and the political landscape. It gives a raw and unpolished visual of diverse Canadians holding a gutted Canadian Charter up to a spotlight and hoping to be heard.”

Co-director Andrew Peloso explained that his team felt a duty to accurately report the developing events in the face of a massive information warfare campaign waged by the mainstream media and Canadian government:

“When our team decided to join the convoy and stay in Ottawa to the end, we were blown away by the amount of media censorship, blackouts and misinformation. It was a complete juxtaposition from what we were capturing in live time through our cameras. Due to the level of misinformation we saw, we feel a deep and sincere sense of duty to tell this story. As it was. Plain and simple. If there is anything our film crew unanimously believes in it is the following statement: TRUTH DESTROYS FEAR“.

In fact, the Trucking For Freedom has already been censored by Big Tech websites.

“At the time of release the film’s producers experienced censorship issues when attempting to distribute this film on popular content websites,” reads the opening film credits.

Episode 2 will be available in 24 days; follow the website to stay updated.

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