Trump Admin Moves to Collect DNA of Migrants

Open borders activists preparing to challenge new policies

Image Credits: David Peinado/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

The Trump administration is working to implement new policies that would enable the collection of DNA samples from migrants who have been detained by U.S. authorities.

The biometric data would be added to a federal database used by law enforcement agencies to track criminals, a Justice Department official told the Associated Press.

“Trump administration officials say they hope to solve more crimes committed by immigrants through the increased collection of DNA from a group that can often slip through the cracks,” AP reports. “The Justice official also said it would be a deterrent — the latest step aimed at discouraging migrants from trying to enter the United States between official crossings by adding hurdles to the immigration process.”

The proposed rule is set to publish in the Federal Register on Tuesday, at which time a 20-day comment period will begin.

“The Department of Justice is proposing to amend regulations that require DNA-sample collection from individuals who are arrested, facing charges, or convicted, and from non-United States persons who are detained under the authority of the United States,” the DOJ explains in its summary. “The amendment would strike a provision authorizing the Secretary of Homeland Security to exempt from the sample-collection requirement certain aliens from whom collection of DNA samples is not feasible because of operational exigencies or resource limitations.”

“This will restore the Attorney General’s plenary legal authority to authorize and direct all relevant Federal agencies, including the Department of HomelandSecurity, to collect DNA samples from individuals who are arrested, facing charges, or convicted, and from non-United States persons who are detained under the authority of the United States.”

U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents would not be affected by the new rules, nor would children under the age of 14, according to a DOJ official.

The proposed plan is already under attack by open borders activists and ‘civil rights’ groups.

“This proposed change in policy is … transparently xenophobic in its intention,” said American Civil Liberties Union senior policy and advocacy attorney Naureen Shah.

“It seeks to miscast these individuals, many of whom are seeking a better life or safety, as threats to the country’s security.”

The DOJ recently announced it had prosecuted “the highest number of immigration-related offenses since record keeping began more than 25 years ago” during Fiscal Year 2019.

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