Trump asks Congress for $18 billion to expand Mexico border wall

The Trump administration is seeking $33 billion in total

Image Credits: Wiki.

President Trump this week offered his most detailed request to date of his plans for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to a document obtained by The Wall Street Journal, Trump is asking Congress for nearly $18 billion to fund his border wall expansion project. The document specifically calls for the construction of more than 700 miles of new barriers along the border.

A document prepared by the Department of Homeland Security for a group of senators shows the administration’s plan to nearly double the amount of fencing on America’s southern border, from 654 miles currently built to around 1,000 miles total.

The Trump administration is seeking $33 billion in total to increase security along the southern border, with the remaining $15 billion going to fund “critical physical border security requirements” such as technology, personnel, and roads.

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