Trump Calls Reporter ‘Criminal’ For Ignoring Hunter Biden Story

Image Credits: YouTube / Fox News.

Journalists refusing to report on the massive Hunter Biden scandal regarding the incriminating contents of his laptop are complicit, President Trump said Monday.

The president made the comments on the tarmac before departing for a rally in Prescott, Arizona, Monday.

“Your campaign strategy seems to be calling Biden a criminal, why is that?” a reporter quizzed the president.

“He is a criminal. He’s a criminal. He got caught. Read his laptop,” Trump said, before adding, “And you know who else is a criminal? You’re a criminal – for not reporting it.”

During the rally, President Trump also called cable news network CNN “dumb bastards,” for overhyping the coronavirus pandemic and attempting to dissuade people from voting in person.

While the president’s tactic of calling for Hillary Clinton to be “locked up” proved successful in 2016, the opportunity to use the same smear against a candidate has manifested itself in the form of Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop, which appears to contain videos of Hunter raping children and smoking gun evidence of backroom deals benefiting the Bidens, according to reports.

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