Trump Celebrates As ‘Crazy’ Dems’ Impeachment Backfires, Support ‘Drops Like A Rock’

President now leading against all Democrats in 2020 race

Image Credits: Getty Images.

President Trump was in a jubilant mood Tuesday as it became clearer that the impeachment sham is backfiring on the ‘crazy’ Democrats, and support for the process has ‘dropped like a rock’.

Following several polls showing that support for the effort to remove Trump from office is seriously waining, the President celebrated.

“Impeachment Poll numbers are starting to drop like a rock now that people are understanding better what this whole Democrat Scam is all about!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

A CNN poll and a NPR/PBS/Marist poll revealed a three-point margin against impeachment, while a Quinnipiac poll showed a six-point margin, and an ABC News/Washington Post poll showed a tie.

Another CNN poll highlighted that support for impeachment among Democrats fell from 90 percent in November to 77 percent this month. The findings are so startling that even CNN’s own pundits were in disbelief.

“I don’t believe that poll for one second,” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said of the internal CNN poll. “The 90 to 77 percent. It’s just – you know, I don’t believe it. Like, it makes no sense that that number would change like that.”

A USA Today/Suffolk poll found that 51 percent now oppose impeaching Trump, while only 45 percent disagree, a seven-point swing in Trump’s direction from the same poll taken in October.

Trump added that further figures show he is leading all the Democrat contenders in the 2020 race, a turnaround that can only be attributed to the mess the Democrats have gotten themselves into with the phony impeachment push.

The USA Today poll highlighted that Trump is leading former Vice President Joe Biden by three points, Sen. Bernie Sanders by five points, Sen. Elizabeth Warren by eight points, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg by ten points.

Even Democrat Reps. are starting to admit that Americans are tired of the bullshit impeachment charade and it is backfiring:

GOP Reps. slammed the impeachment push Tuesday, noting that it is now clear that the real motive behind it is that the Democrats know there is no other way of ousting Trump in 2020.

The turnaround dovetails with Trump sending a letter to Nancy Pelosi Tuesday decrying the Democrats’ effort to “subvert democracy.”

Read Trump’s letter to Pelosi below: