Trump Jr.: Fake News Media Out to Destroy All Trump Supporters

Says MSM hellbent on hurting those who defy liberal orthodoxy

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

The Covington Catholic debacle is a stark reminder that the mainstream media is “hell bent” on destroying all “who dare to defy the liberal orthodoxy,” says Donald Trump Jr. in a scathing op-ed.

The President’s son came out in full force against the “fake news” press and “liberal partisans” who are waging a “radical, left-wing culture war” against normal, decent Americans.

“The message is clear: don’t let your children publicly support the President if you don’t want the media to make your entire family into a national target for harassment and intimidation,” Trump wrote. “The point is to cow President Trump’s supporters into submission, to stigmatize and shame them until they can’t even feel safe expressing their political views in public.”

Trump blasted Hollywood celebrities and journalists at major media outlets who fomented one of the “most disgusting online hate mobs in American history,” all predicated upon a wildly false story that was so far from the truth, it could be considered a near-complete inversion of reality.

“The problem — beyond the appalling fact that people were calling for teenagers to be murdered over a viral video — was that absolutely nothing about that story was true,” Trump wrote.

“The only shouts that came from the Covington students were ‘school spirit’ chants in response to slurs directed against them by a group of ‘Black Hebrew Israelites,’ a wildly racist cult whose M.O. is to scream disgusting slurs at white people — especially people they think look Jewish — and then film their reactions for promotional videos.”

Trump also blasted leftists’ wildly unhinged reactions to ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, which are now being compared to ‘KKK hoods.’

“From the very beginning, though, this was never really about the students or their behavior,” he wrote. “It was about the MAGA hats that several of them were wearing. Liberals become so enraged when they see those simple red caps that they can’t seem to focus on anything other than their hatred for the people who wear them.”

“In spite of all that, I have a message for the Covington kids and every other young Trump supporter across the country,” Trump concluded. “Wear your MAGA hats with pride, kids. The President will always stand with the American people against the fake news. It’s the only way we, and the truth, will win.”

Dan Lyman:

The Covington Catholic students have now been proven innocent of any disrespectful behavior, while adults harassed them in Washington D.C. Alex Jones exposes the leftist agenda to smear Christians as bigots.