Trump Mocks ‘Lamestream Media’ Over ‘Tremendous Disapproval’ In Coronavirus Coverage

Polls show president has high approval over handling of pandemic

Image Credits: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images.

President Trump shamed the mainstream media Sunday over its terrible coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Polls are showing tremendous disapproval of Lamestream Media coverage of the Virus crisis. The Fake News just hasn’t figured that out yet!” Trump tweeted.

Trump followed up by noting that the media “is going crazy” over the fact that many Americans are tuning into his coronavirus task force briefings.

Multiple polls do show low approval of the media’s coverage of the coronavirus.

A Gallup poll taken last week shows Trump’s approval of his handling of the virus at 60%, with the media trailing behind at 44%.

Likewise, the disapproval of the media is at 55%, with Trump at 38%.

This may help explain why the media has been calling for network blackouts of Trump’s daily coronavirus press conferences, as they bypass the media’s spin to deliver updates directly to the American people.

A collection of MSM talking heads and leftist idols that are wishing for a recession and more corona-virus deaths so Trump can be voted out of office.