Trump Mocks Sleepy Joe For Needing “Handlers” To Rescue Him After Slipping Into “Mental Fog” During Q&A

Image Credits: @Breaking911/Twitter.

President Trump ridiculed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for slipping into a “mental fog” while being questioned by the media on Monday, which prompted his “handlers” to order reporters away.

“They (his handlers) ripped Sleepy Joe off the stage yesterday when he got lost in a “mental fog”. A disaster. Very little reporting on this!” Trump tweeted Tuesday.

Trump was referring to a bizarre instance of Biden appearing to lose his train of thought in the middle of answering a question about the Senate confirming Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

“Here’s the deal. One of the things that’s important, is that…um…” Biden began.

“Keep in mind, although they’re going to vote on…uh…Barrett…I think today…” Biden stammered.

That’s when his handlers jumped into action.

“Back of that line please,” a Biden staffer could be heard saying to the media while Biden stood there struggling to think of an answer.

Biden has been stumbling and bumbling his way through the campaign trail over the last few weeks.

During one of his recent short speeches in Pennsylvania, Biden was stumbling and bumbling his words so frequently he could barely be understood.

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