Trump Offers DC Hotel To National Guard Troops Sleeping in Parking Garage: Report

Image Credits: AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images.

President Donald Trump reportedly offered rooms at Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC to National Guard troops, after news broke guardsmen were ordered to sleep in a parking garage.

Trump granted permission to use the hotel Friday, hours after OANN reporter Jack Posobiec called on the president to offer the hotel to the troops who were allegedly booted from the Capitol building earlier in the day.

Reports claim troops were ordered to leave the Capitol after a Democrat congressman spotted one guardsman without a mask at a Dunkin Donuts.

Following the report, photos emerged of numerous guardsmen sleeping on the floor of a nearby Senate garage, with a journalist’s description claiming they were “breathing in exhaust fumes and covid.”

According to Posobiec, President Trump referred to treatment of the troops as “disgusting and unforgivable.”

Meanwhile, the Joe Biden administration has yet to comment on the issue.

The stark contrast in leadership and respect for the military prompted comparisons between Trump and Biden on social media.

News of the troops sleeping in the garage comes as many National guardsmen appeared to have turned their backs on Joe Biden’s motorcade as it drove by on Inauguration Day.

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