Trump Puts Filthy San Francisco on ‘Notice,’ Says EPA Getting Involved

President says city committing serious environmental violations

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images).

President Trump blasted conditions in San Francisco, saying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will likely issue a notice of violation to the city.

He indicated the federal government could soon punish the city for allowing rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and filth to spiral out of control, affecting natural resources in the area.

“If you look at San Francisco, it’s a total disaster what’s happening — they’re going to ruin those cities,” President Trump told reporters during a visit to the southern border in California. “We’re going to get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don’t clean up their act.”

“You have tents all over the place. You really have a sanitary condition because this water is rushing into the ocean, and this is supposed to be storm water. It’s not supposed to be sewage.”

“They have to clean it up,” he continued. “We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

Trump supplemented that warning with additional comments aboard Air Force One.

“It’s a terrible situation — that’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,” Trump said, according to White House reporters. “And we’re going to be giving San Francisco — they’re in total violation — we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.”

“EPA is going to be putting out a notice. They’re in serious violation.”

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