Trump Says China Trade Deal Could Be Signed In Coming Days

President indicates Phase 1 deal to be signed very soon

Image Credits: Thomas Peter/Getty Images.

Uncertainty is increasing after President Trump said the Phase 1 trade deal might be signed on Jan. 15 but also said it could be signed after, report Reuters.

President Trump stated last month that a trade deal with China would be signed on Jan. 15, but on Thursday evening, he said the agreement might be signed “shortly thereafter.”

Some confusion is certainly seen with the president’s latest statement, considering China’s Vice Premier Liu He, the country’s top trade negotiator, will visit Washington on Jan. 13-15 to sign the Phase 1 traded deal.

The White House wasn’t open for questions as it appears the signing of the trade deal, announced by the president on Dec. 31 to be precisely on Jan. 15 is now in question.

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President Trump was hesitant to mention exact dates and was vague, considering several weeks ago, he was confident that a deal would be signed on Jan. 15.

The uncertainty around the timing could suggest trade negotiations could’ve hit a snag.

As we’ve mentioned over the last week, Beijing won’t increase its annual import quotas for wheat, corn, and rice.

We’ve also detailed how China might not be able to live up to President Trump’s hard commitments on agriculture purchases.

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