Trump Says Police Were Told to “Stand Back” During Philly Riots

Image Credits: GABRIELLA AUDI/Getty Images.

President Trump responded to two nights of violent unrest in Philadelphia by claiming police were told to “stand back” and not stop looting and rioting.

The city has seen consecutive nights of mayhem in response to the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., who was killed after advancing towards officers with a knife.

A female sergeant suffered a broken leg after BLM rioters ran her down with a vehicle while numerous stores have been vandalized and looted.

Trump was asked about the unrest and again made the point that it is unfolding in a Democrat-run city and state.

“I know the police very well in Philadelphia, I think they gave me an endorsement…and they were told, I understand to stand back, to stand back, don’t do anything,” said Trump.

“People are breaking into stores and walking out with washing machines and walking out with all sorts of things and it shouldn’t be allowed,” he added.

“The police were told to stand back, and maybe that’s not so but that’s what I was told upon very good authority,” Trump clarified.

The president said that federal assets would be ready to help quell the riots if they were called upon by authorities in Philly.

He also slammed Joe Biden for failing to fully condemn the rioters, remarking, “You have to condemn them, you have to be strong, you can’t have chaos like that.”



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