Trump still wants US troops to leave Syria ‘as quickly as possible’ – White House

The White House statement comes after the French President said he had persuaded the US President to stay in Syria

Image Credits: U.S. Army / Flickr.

Donald Trump still wants American troops in Syria to return home as soon as possible, the White House says, after Emmanuel Macron said he had convinced the US President to keep a US presence there for “the long term”.

“The US mission has not changed – the President has been clear that he wants US forces to come home as quickly as possible,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

There are estimated to be around 2,000 US troops in Syria.

Ms Sanders added: “We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return. In addition we expect our regional allies and partners to take greater responsibility both militarily and financially for securing the region.”

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