Trump Supporters Question Record High Turnout in Wisconsin

Image Credits: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images.

Trump supporters are questioning the record 89% turnout figure in Wisconsin, which represents a 22% increase on the amount of people who voted in 2016.

President Trump was ahead in Wisconsin for most of last night, before massive vote dumps at around 4am suddenly turned the state blue, leading many to allege vote fraud.

Official figures put the turnout in the state at over 89%, which represents a new record and a phenomenal increase compared to recent presidential elections, including 2016 when voter turnout was 67%.

Numerous wards in Milwaukee also reported more votes in the presidential election than there were registered voters

Trump supporters say the activity in Wisconsin is highly suspicious and are calling for an investigation.

“They’re stealing this!” remarked Harlan Hill.

Commentator Bill Mitchell also pointed to suspiciously high turnouts in other states.

“Along with Michigan, Pennsylvania also had 80% turnout. These numbers are just preposterous. And it’s all due to the fake absentee ballots,” he said.

“President Trump outperformed his 2016 totals in Wisconsin by 200,000 votes but fake absentee ballots for Biden overwhelmed him,” added Mitchell.



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