Trump Will Sign “Very Large, Comprehensive” Phase One China Trade Deal On Jan. 15

President also triggers excitement for Phase Two talks

Image Credits: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images.

It appears they have completed the much-anticipated translation.

Following White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro’s comments on the likelihood of Phase Two and Phase Three China trade deals, President Trump has confirmed the date for the historic signing of Phase One…

At the end of the tweet, Trump, most likely attempting to excite equity futures after a rather sour mood on Wall Street to end the year, said that he will go to Beijing to begin talks for the Phase 2 trade deal.

And while the initial reaction was muted, the US cash open seems to have provided a lift.

We do wonder what the brouhahah was earlier in the week about senior Chinese officials coming to Washington this weekend for a signing?

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