Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force Declares Public Health Emergency

Citizens returning from Hubei province will be quarantined

Image Credits: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / Contributor / Getty.

Anyone who expected Trump’s task force to give algos the all clear to BTFD, will be disappointed because moments ago Trump’s coronavirus tzar, Azar said the US is declaring a public health emergency, US citizens returning from Hubei will be quarantined for 14 days and all flights coming from China will be funneled to 7 airports:

  • U.S. declares public health emergency on coronavirus: Azar
  • Trump has ordered Temporary suspension of entry to people who pose a risk of transmitting newly identified coroonavirus: Azar
  • U.S. implements temporary measures on virus: Azar
  • U.S. citizens returning from Hubei to be quarantined
  • Flights from China to U.s. to be funneled to 7 airports

That was the bad news, which is certain to infuriate China which spent all that money bribing the WHO for nothing. There was also some good news.

  • Coronavirus risk to U.S. public is low, CDC official says
  • U.S. to take actions to limit coronavirus risks: Trump team
  • Redfield says there are 191 individuals under investigation in U.S. amid coronavirus outbreak
  • “This is a serious health situation in China, but I want to emphasize that the risk to the American public currently is low.”

The algos, realizing this is their cue to ramp it, are doing the best, but the Dow remains about 600 points lower, about 50 points off the lows.

At 3:30pm on Friday, so strategically 30 minutes before the market close, Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force is holding a public briefing on the latest pandemic developments.

Will they give the “all clear” as Trump tried last week in an attempt to ramp stocks for a green close? Watch and find out.

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