Tucker Carlson: Biden Plays “No Active Role” In Running U.S. Government

"Everyone knows that, everyone pretends otherwise, but it's true," he says.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced on his program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Joe Biden’s White House will no longer be referred to as the Biden administration because he clearly plays “no active role” in running the government.

“One editorial note by the way before we continue this show, in the interest of accuracy we’ll cease referring to the White House or anything associated with the entire executive branch of government as the ‘Biden administration,’” Carlson said Monday night.

“And the reason we’re changing is not to make a statement but merely to reflect reality.”

“Joe Biden, whatever his merits as a human being, has no active role in running the US government,” Carlson continued.

“Everyone knows that, everyone pretends otherwise, but it’s true, and so henceforth we’ll refer to it as ‘the administration’, ‘the White House’ the ‘Kamala Harris administration’, the ‘third and far more radical Obama administration’ – this group of people that Susan Rice seems to be in control of – or whatever something precise and accurate.”

“But no longer will we refer to it as the Biden administration, because it’s not,” he concluded.

As an editorial matter, Infowars has also taken pains not to refer to Joe Biden as “President Biden”, because that too does not reflect the reality of the 2020 election theft. We instead refer to him simply as Joe Biden or Chairman Biden.

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