Tucker Carlson: “If You Don’t Like The Direction Of The Country, Have More Children”

"Raise them the way that you want, consistent with your beliefs."

Image Credits: Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images.

Tucker Carlson told the Heritage Foundation the best way for conservatives to take back America is to “have more children” and “raise them the way that you want, consistent with your beliefs.”

“I grew up in a world where it was considered embarrassing to have more than two children,” Carlson told Daily Signal editor-in-chief Rob Bluey at The Heritage Foundation’s 41st annual Resource Bank meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week.

“I don’t think that’s the case now among middle-class, upper middle-class people, but it was,” he said.

“First of all, it’s the most rewarding, greatest, most fun thing you can do. But it’s also the most profound thing. If you don’t like the direction of the country, have children, raise them the way that you want, consistent with your beliefs,” Carlson said. “It seems like all the answers are basic, nature-based answers, in my opinion. To everything. That’s the most basic of all, have more kids. Raise decent children.”

Carlson continued: “And the second was just say what you think is true. I don’t actually think you get a ton out of confronting people and getting in people’s faces. I don’t think you’re going to convince anybody that way. But I think there’s inherent value in speaking principle out loud without shame or fear. And again, without the expectation that you’re going to win people over right away, because most times you’re not going to.”

“Aggression really doesn’t help much. I’ve definitely concluded that after years of being aggressive. But I think telling the truth is an inherently valuable act.”

General Social Survey data has shown white liberals in America have extremely low birth rates and only those who consider themselves “extremely conservative” are above replacement level.