It’s Now Admitted: Covid Vaccines And Boosters Are Detrimental To Your Health

The establishment narrative surrounding Covid jabs and their purported effectiveness is crumbling as more stand up and speak out.

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The House of Cards Is Collapsing: EU Government Officially Admits Covid Vax Destroys Immune System

  • Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has released thousands of pages of documents proving Fauci committed perjury when he claimed he was never involved in gain-of-function research!

  • The Congressional/DARPA & Pentagon documents released by Project Veritas confirm that not only did Fauci secretly develop Covid-19, but they knew that Ivermectin was the miracle treatment before they released Covid-19!

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The American Journal: Biggest Hoax in Human History EXPOSED – Covid-19 Developed in Lab, According to Leaked Docs

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