TV Host Implies Australian MP ‘Complicit’ in NZ Attack

Anti-mass migration MP ambushed in live interview

Image Credits: screenshot.

An Australian MP was asked if she felt “complicit” in the New Zealand mosque attack due to her anti-mass migration positions during a heated interview on one of the country’s most-watched morning shows.

Sunrise host David Koch launched an aggressive ambush on Queensland MP Pauline Hanson, who heads her own nationalist-populist party, One Nation, asserting that most terror attacks are carried out by “right wing, white supremacists.”

“This terrorist manifesto almost reads like One Nation immigration and Muslim policy,” said Koch. “Do you feel in any way complicit with this atrocity?”

“The anti-Muslim rhetoric that you espouse constantly here, that you did in your maiden speech when you came to Parliament in 2016 — do you understand?”

“David, I feel for these people,” Hanson responded. “I feel for those families and who lost their lives — the same as just across the road from here where you had the Lindt cafe massacre that happened, the terrorist attacks, the ones that have been carried and the 14 that have been foiled.”

“We have problems, but you actually have to discuss it and debate the issues. Why do we have these terrorist attacks in this country? Why is it happening around the world?”

Koch responded by claiming, “Most of the terror attacks are right wing, white supremacists that are egged on by your comments.”

Koch went on to assert that Hanson’s warnings about the Islamization of Australia and Sharia creep could be seen as a “call to arms” by extremists.

“David, have a look at what has happened in England,” Hanson said. “I speak to people who are leaving England now to come out here because they’ve lost their country. England is not the country that they grew up in.”

“Women cannot walk down the streets in Sweden, and in France, the same thing.”

Koch replied, “That’s just tripe.”

Australian PM Scott Morrison has called for the “full force of the law” to be applied against Senator Fraser Anning, who defended himself after an attacker smashed an egg on his head during an interview.

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