TV Show Asks: Should People Be Rewarded For Snitching on Their Neighbors?

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

Britain’s top morning breakfast show asked its viewers if people should be financially rewarded for snitching on neighbors who violate COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway introduced the segment by asking, “Should people be rewarded for snitching on their neighbors who break lockdown rules…because we are in such a serious situation, but should we incentivize people by giving them money?”

Garraway’s co-host Ben Shephard suggested that incentivizing snitching could lead to people making “erroneous claims” to get their neighbors in trouble.

Big Brother Watch responded to the idea by asking the show, “Are you ok?”

A Twitter poll posted by GMB found that over 80% of people oppose the idea. However, that number would probably be reduced significantly if people were asked if they should merely report their neighbors for the ‘common good’ with no financial incentive attached.

As we highlighted earlier, neighbors are already snitching on each other for violating lockdown rules without the financial incentive.

A family in Scotland was arrested in their own home by police after a neighbor reported them for there being “too many people” inside the house.



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