Twitter Claims They ‘Mistakenly’ Suspended MTG After ‘He Is Risen’ Tweet – Second Time In Less Than 30 Days

This is the second time in less than 30 days that Twitter has suspended Rep. Greene by mistake.

Image Credits: Tom Weller/DeFodi Images via Getty Images.

Earlier today U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours after she tweeted, “He Is Risen!” and “Happy Easter, everyone!” After several hours, with the suspension almost expired, Twitter now claims it made a mistake and has restored her account.

This evening Twitter reversed their suspension of Greene, and claimed it was a mistake, per Breaking 911. “Twitter suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green [sic] earlier today after she tweeted ‘He is risen’”, the outlet reported. “Twitter has now restored her account and says they ‘made a mistake’”.

The outlet also notes that this is the second time Twitter has “mistakenly” suspended Greene’s account, after previously admitting they suspended her account in “error” on March 19. The two events happened 16 days apart.

Greene’s first “error” suspension came as she was facing a potential ejection from Congress, with the platform leaving Greene unable to defend herself against charges levied against her by Democrats and anti-America First Republicans.

Twitter originally made no explanation for the suspension, however, it happened soon after Greene tweeted a celebration of Christ’s resurrection used by billions of Christians around the world.

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As National File reported, Greene responded forcefully to her ban in a post written on Gab, the free speech platform:

On Gab, Greene wrote, “After tweeting, “He is risen! Happy Easter!” I was suspended this morning for 12 hours! Was it my Christian faith? My never ending demand to an end to murdering God’s creation in the womb? Is it my fight to protect our greatest right to defend ourselves, come and take them? My willingness to Fire Fauci? Maybe my fight to stop mandated vaccine passports? Or how about calling out Ilhan Omar?”

“Or really… Fighting with every ounce of my body to Save America and Stop Socialism!!! Message to Big Tech: I’LL NEVER STOP!!! You can’t silence me. You can’t stop me. The People are with me. And so are the greatest conservatives especially President Trump!!!” Greene added.