Twitter Rules Saying Pedophiles “Aren’t the Good Guys” is “Hateful Conduct”

Yes, really.

Twitter has ruled that it is “hateful” to tweet “maybe pedos aren’t the good guys”.

Yes, really.

A Twitter user called ‘holy noa’ remarked, “idk maybe pedos aren’t the good guys” and was made to delete the tweet.

Twitter said the tweet was a violation of their “hateful conduct” rules, which forbid people ‘harassing’ others on the basis of sexual orientation.


Meanwhile, Twitter has also permanently suspended left-wing author David Newart because his book cover about the far-right featured images of KKK hoods.

Gee, it’s almost like censorship always ends up on a slippery slope to absolute absurdity.

Here’s a novel idea; Just let everyone have free speech.

As I document in the video below, some see the increasing trend of treating pedophilia as just another alternative sexual lifestyle as a pre-cursor to the collapse of culture.


There is a war on free speech. Without your support, my voice will be silenced.

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