Two US Lawmakers Meet With Maduro Over Hostage Talks

Utah man imprisoned in Venezuela on false weapons charges

Image Credits: Hugoshi / Wikimedia Commons.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) and Rep. Pete Sessions (R., Texas) quietly visited Venezuela this week and met with President Nicolas Maduro to discuss the potential release of at least one U.S. hostage, despite warnings from Republicans against attending high-level meetings with the South American country’s leaders.

Durbin traveled to Venezuela Wednesday reportedly to push for the release of Joshua Holt, a Utah man imprisoned in Caracas for nearly two years on what the United States has deemed false weapons charges.

Sessions’ spokeswoman was tight-lipped about her boss’s visit earlier this week but told the Associated Press it was related to work her boss had done as an “intermediary” in the past year to resolve issues in Venezuela.

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