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Image for San Francisco’s Poop Problem: 25,000 Reported Cases Of ‘Human Or Animal Waste’ In 10 Months, Data Show

San Francisco’s Poop Problem: 25,000 Reported Cases Of ‘Human Or Animal Waste’ In 10 Months, Data Show

The department responded to 25,084 such cases from January through October of this year, according to the city’s 311 data portal.

8 hours ago By Daily Caller

Image for 90.9% of Stone jury pool voted for Hillary

90.9% of Stone jury pool voted for Hillary

The jury included “CIA operatives, Democrat Party operatives, people that work for Clinton, Obama, high-level

1 day ago By American Mirror

‘I Have Freedom Of Speech’: Trump Hits Back After Critics Claim Witness Intimidation, ‘Thugocracy’

"I have the right to speak. I have freedom of speech just like other people do."

1 day ago By Zero Hedge

Trump Hater Tom Arnold’s Veiled Threat: Roger Stone “Died in Prison”

Unhinged actor in yet another bizarre outburst aimed at Mike Cernovich.

2 days ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

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Nov 15, 2019

First Public Impeachment Hearing Flops, Draws 13 Million Viewers

The numbers do not reflect those who watched the debate on alternative platforms

Nov 15, 2019

Washington Post Only Fact Checks Republicans After First Day Of Impeachment Hearings

The analysis, published Thursday, is titled “Fact-checking the opening day of the Trump impeachment hearings” and did not specify whether it was only intended for Republicans

Nov 15, 2019

WATCH: Charlie Kirk ‘Booed Off Campus’ at UH to Chants of ‘America First’

Turning Point USA head Charlie Kirk was "booed off campus" to chants of "America First" at the end of a "Prove Me Wrong" event on Thursday at the University of Houston

Nov 15, 2019

Nov 15, 2019

Rand Paul To Initiate Senate Vote To Force Hunter Biden Impeachment Testimony

"The president should be able to call his own witnesses.”

Nov 14, 2019

Nov 14, 2019

Feds Charge Avenatti With Wire Fraud in Nike Case

Creepy Porn Lawyer facing mountain of legal trouble

Nov 13, 2019

San Francisco’s New DA: Public Urination ‘Will Not Be Prosecuted’

“We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes."

Nov 13, 2019

Bolton Trashes Trump During Private Speech; Says Real-Estate Tactics Hurting Foreign Policy

Bolton said that the president doesn't understand the interconnected nature of geopolitical relationships

Nov 12, 2019

This Is The Left: AOC Promotes Drag Queen Vampire’s Occult Show

Freshman congresswoman calls the performance 'genius' and 'fabulous'

Nov 12, 2019

Trump Accuses Adam Schiff Of Releasing ‘Doctored Transcripts’ From House Depositions

“Shifty Adam Schiff will only release doctored transcripts,” Trump tweeted.

Nov 11, 2019

Rand Paul: Trump “Has Every Right To Withhold Aid”

"Every politician in Washington is trying to manipulate Ukraine to their purposes."

Nov 11, 2019

Son Of Weather Underground Terrorists, Socialist Chesa Boudin Wins Race For DA Of San Francisco

He was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn after this parents went to prison. Even the socialist fist

Nov 11, 2019

Bezos Begged Bloomberg To Run In 2020

Warren has notably proposed a plan to break up Amazon and other tech giants

Nov 11, 2019

Things Get A Little Awkward On MSNBC When Alabama Student Says ‘Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Live On Air

A University of Alabama student sneaked in a “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” while being interviewed live on MSNBC about President Donald Trump’s policies

Nov 10, 2019

Republicans Name 8 Potential Impeachment Witnesses. Here They Are

Democrats have final say on whether any of the eight witnesses on the GOP list will be called to testify in public

Nov 10, 2019

Unfit To Print Episode 30: ABC Chooses Royal Interview Over Taking Down Pedophile Sex Ring

How many innocent young girls could have been abused by Epstein and his ilk between the time ABC killed the story and Epstein was finally arrested and indicted? 

Nov 09, 2019

Abortionist Forced Woman to Abort Baby: ‘I Begged Him and Asked Him to Stop’ But He Refused

Women recount horrible tales of Ulrich Klopfer, who kept thousands of baby parts on his property

Nov 09, 2019

ABC Insider: Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein tape.

Project Veritas is publishing the writing below at the request of the ABC news insider who gave us the Amy Robach tape

Nov 08, 2019

Tucker Carlson And Neil Patel: Child Rape Stories Are Too ‘Stupid’ For ABC News To Cover

We have all three major U.S. television broadcast networks implicated to some degree in covering for rapists

Nov 08, 2019

Michael Bloomberg Prepares To Enter The Presidential Race

Bloomberg opens the door to a presidential run because the field of Democratic candidates is "not well positioned" to defeat Trump

Nov 08, 2019

Report: House Democrats Consider Drafting Three Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

According to ABC News, Democrats are evaluating articles charging President Trump with abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and contempt of Congress

Nov 07, 2019

Watch Liberals Literally Dump on Trump

More proof of leftist degeneracy

Nov 07, 2019

Jury in Roger Stone Trial Packed With Pro-Obama, Anti-Trump Jurors

Judge in case tells media to leave, cuts live video feed to media room.

Nov 07, 2019

Katie Pavlich Ties ABC’s Epstein Cover-up To Clintons, Stephanopoulos

“There’s no question, executives at ABC protected Jeffrey Epstein.”