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Image for BLM backfire? US public Opinion Shifts on George Floyd’s Death, Law & Order, as Racial Divide Widens After Summer of Riots

BLM backfire? US public Opinion Shifts on George Floyd’s Death, Law & Order, as Racial Divide Widens After Summer of Riots

36% respondents in a USA Today/Ipsos poll described Floyd's death as murder -- down from 60% last June

1 hour ago By RT

Supreme Court Sides With Biden, Dismisses Trump Administration’s Pending ‘Sanctuary City’ Cases

The High Court’s decision leaves intact a state’s ability to defy federal immigration law

5 hours ago By National File

Reporter Robbed at Gunpoint While Covering Auto Thefts

Brazen robbery unfolds in San Fran neighborhood plagued by thieves

21 hours ago By Dan Lyman | Newswars.com

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Mar 05, 2021

US Traffic Deaths Spike, Despite Decreased Travel During Lockdowns – Study

Motor-vehicle deaths up 8 percent from previous year

Mar 05, 2021

Video: Ben Carson On Dr Seuss Witch Hunt: ‘This Is Poison In Our System’

Cancel culture leftists are "Like a child who is in charge who doesn’t like peas. So he says let’s ban peas, anybody eating peas or growing peas shall be killed."

Mar 04, 2021

Officials to Review ‘Racist’ Bicycle Helmet Law

Activists claim Seattle police racially profiling bike riders

Mar 04, 2021

VIDEO: Dem Lawmaker Opposes Arizona Bill That Raises Sentences For Pedophiles Because It Would Hurt ‘People Of Color’

State Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley insinuated that harsher sentences for convicted pedophiles "disproportionately" impact "people of color"

Mar 04, 2021

VIDEO: White House Abruptly Cuts Off Live Feed After Biden Says He Wants To Take Audience Questions

"I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance," Biden said moments before he disappeared from the screen

Mar 03, 2021

Family Fined, Kicked Off Their Own Land For Living In RV

“This is a question about property rights," says family's lawyer

Mar 03, 2021

Hundreds of Illegals Dumped in Arizona Border City

Feds flooding Yuma with illegal aliens

Mar 03, 2021

Rand Paul: Democrat ‘Class Warfare Wealth Tax Will Destroy Our Country’

“The class warfare people need to get a grip on what happens”

Mar 03, 2021

Biden Admin Planning For Influx Of 117,000 Illegal Youths To US This Year

“They’re encouraging the trafficking of these children"; "It’s a business operation"

Mar 03, 2021

Security At Capitol Being INCREASED Following Warning Of Militia ‘Plot’

Huge razor wire fence and thousands of troops not enough?

Mar 03, 2021

Transgender Daycare Worker And YouTube Star Charged With Possessing Child Porn, Child Abuse Images

Trans YouTube star Kadence Kristine Pinder, who now works with small children at a daycare, had 125 images of child porn on a cell phone, per police.

Mar 03, 2021

Arizona Dept of Education Teaches Babies Are Racist; White Kids Must Form ‘Antiracist White Identity’

The Department of Education recommends a reading that claims babies are not 'colorblind'

Mar 02, 2021

Watch: Police Shootout Interrupts Live News Broadcast

San Diego reporter breaks off live hit as suspect opens fire during traffic stop

Mar 02, 2021

Immigration Watchdog: Biden Amnesty Bill Will Grant Citizenship To 37 MILLION People

"That's almost the population of California...and more than doubles legal immigration"

Mar 02, 2021

Make America Ugly Again: Biden Scraps Trump Order Requiring Classical Architecture

America was in real danger of buildings looking nice again

Mar 02, 2021

Third Woman Comes Forward on Andrew Cuomo

“He said, ‘Can I kiss you?’”

Mar 02, 2021

University Issues List of Places Where Students Are Allowed to Go Due to COVID-19

Students facing hardcore medical tyranny on college campuses

Mar 02, 2021

American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Diversion, Two Passengers Arrested After Racial Slur Heard Onboard

Two Hispanic women were arrested on disorderly conduct charges after an alleged instance of racism on a flight to Los Angeles

Mar 02, 2021

Video: Candace Owens Slams Dems’ “Unbelievably Offensive” Equality Act

"They believe in sameness. Making everybody a carbon copy of the others."

Mar 01, 2021

Texas AG Hits Electricity Provider Griddy For ‘Deceptive Practices’

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against power company Griddy, LLC

Mar 01, 2021

Colorado Ski Town Hiring Mask Patrol for Spring Break

Skiers, tourists expected to wear two masks - even outdoors

Mar 01, 2021

Feb 28, 2021

LIVE: President Trump Delivers Epic Speech At CPAC

Trump lays out the path forward for the America First movement in 2022 and beyond

Feb 28, 2021

Minneapolis Spends $1.2 Million To Hire Black, Somali Influencers To Spread Propaganda About George Floyd Death Trial

Minneapolis will pay social media influencers $1 million to spread their narrative about the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Feb 28, 2021

US ‘Mysteriously’ Sees Lowest Flu Season On Record During COVID Pandemic

Flu has virtually disappeared from the US, with reports coming in at far lower levels than the world has seen in decades.

Feb 28, 2021

VIDEO: CNN’s Jim Acosta Refuses To Disavow Antifa When Confronted By ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett

"Do you feel responsible at all for the lies you told about the BLM riots," asked Bennett. "Have a nice day," replied Acosta.

Feb 27, 2021

TV Doctor Shames Black Woman To Take Experimental Vaccine

Establishment trying to pressure minority groups into submitting to the COVID vaccination program