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Image for Bombshell Audio Reveals Hunter Biden & Walmart Chairman Discussed ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’ in 2020 Election

Bombshell Audio Reveals Hunter Biden & Walmart Chairman Discussed ‘Pulling The Trigger To Stop Trump’ in 2020 Election

Conversations between puppet president's corrupt crackhead son and Walmart Chairman Greg Penner reveal intent to stop Trump and meddle with the 2020 election.

9 hours ago By Jamie White | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Chicago Bus Driver Brutally Beaten by Mob of ‘Youths’

Chicago Bus Driver Brutally Beaten by Mob of ‘Youths’

"Large group incident" leads to arrests of more than 20 juveniles

13 hours ago By Dan Lyman | Newswars.com

New York To Require Full Vaccination To Access Restaurants, Gyms, Entertainment; 5-Year-Olds Need At Least One Shot

Fresh wave of medical tyranny imposed on adults, children in Big Apple

16 hours ago By Zero Hedge

Oregon Moves to Make Indoor Mask Mandate Permanent

Technocrats argue "permanent" doesn't mean permanent.

20 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

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Dec 06, 2021

Video: Trump Calls General Milley A “F*cking Idiot”

“I’ll never forget Milley saying to me, ‘Sir, sir. It’s cheaper to leave the equipment [in Afghanistan] than to bring it.’"

Dec 06, 2021

Dec 06, 2021

Antifa Prioritizing Subversion of College Campuses as Major Objective for 2022

Radical communists pushing “effort to infiltrate and undermine the institutions of power from within.”

Dec 05, 2021

FED FEST: White Supremacist Group Who Staged March on Capitol Ridiculed As FBI Psy-Op

"I see the Lincoln Project had a field trip this weekend."

Dec 05, 2021

Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo is Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Media Says

Lawyer Debra Katz claims her client was sexually harassed by the former CNN anchor, The New York Times reports.

Dec 04, 2021

Breaking: CNN Fires Chris Cuomo Following Recent Suspension

CNN's announcement is a 'stunning downfall' for the network's top-rated anchor, says The New York Times.

Dec 04, 2021

Fully Vaccinated UFC President Dana White Recovers From COVID After Taking ‘Dr. Joe Rogan’ Treatment

"Thank you Dr. Joe Rogan...Everybody feels like a million bucks!” White says about taking ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies days after he and his family contracted COVID.

Dec 04, 2021

Video: Trump Calls For Investigation into 2020 Election ‘Insurrection’

"The insurrection took place on November 3, that was Election Day, and before and after, that was to me the insurrection," says former president.

Dec 04, 2021

Parents of Michigan School Shooter Suspect Plead Not Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

Fugitive parents were caught hiding in a commercial building in Detroit.

Dec 04, 2021

George Soros’ network of woke DA’s he has bankrolled in cities across the US

How the Billionaire Democrat megadonor gave Chicago's Kim Foxx $2M and Philly's DA - where murder has doubled - got $1.7M

Dec 03, 2021

Wild Video: Thief Slams School Bus Into Cars on NYC Street

Demolition derby in Brooklyn as hijacker crashes bus down busy road

Dec 03, 2021

Rand Paul: ‘Throw Fauci In Prison For Five Years’

"He cost people lives through misinformation.“

Dec 02, 2021

Wild Video: Police Carjacked While Investigating Carjacking at Gas Station

Brazen thief jumps into multiple police SUVs before speeding off in one

Dec 02, 2021

Video: Cruz Exposes Biden District Court Nominee’s “Hatred Directed At Conservatives” Right To His Face

Nominee said that "For me, righteous indignation, can provide a sense of moral clarity"

Dec 02, 2021

Video: Joe Rogan Eviscerates Media For Reporting Waukesha Massacre As An “Accident”

"A f****** SUV caused an accident? what are you saying? Did the car go haywire? Did the auto-driving feature go nuts?"

Dec 01, 2021

Shock Video: Stroller-Pushing Mom Robbed in Own Driveway in Posh LA Neighborhood

Thieves target affluent enclave amid explosive U.S. crime wave

Dec 01, 2021

Nov 30, 2021

Here We Go Again: Illegals Gather Under Del Rio Bridge

Familiar scene plays out in South Texas as border onslaught continues

Nov 30, 2021

Arizona University’s Left-Wing Groups Demand Rittenhouse Be Expelled From Campus

Rittenhouse has already withdrawn from school, reports indicate

Nov 30, 2021

Nov 30, 2021

Nov 29, 2021

Jury Selected In Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sex-Trafficking Trial

Jury ranges in age from 27 to 70 - and most of them say they don't follow the news closely.

Nov 29, 2021

Man Found Inside Landing Gear of Flight From Guatemala to Miami

26-year-old stowaway survives journey to Miami International Airport