U.S. Tightens Olympic Security Amid Standoff With N. Korea

Security protocols are tight after years of planning

Image Credits: DAVID HOLT, Flickr.

The United States is beefing up security procedures surrounding the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, where escalating tensions with the dictatorial regime to the north could cast cloud over the games, according to U.S. officials working on the effort.

U.S. security personnel have been laying the groundwork for security in Pyeongchang, South Korea, for nearly two years, according to Trump administration officials, who disclosed that about 100 U.S. security personnel would be on the ground to protect American athletes, attendees, and diplomats.

Amid a growing standoff with North Korea over its nuclear program and Western efforts to block the country’s progress, U.S. officials expressed confidence in South Korea’s ability to ensure the safety of Americans on the ground.

While the United States will have a relatively small security footprint, the South Korean government is handling the bulk of security preparations, which is the norm for the Olympic games.

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