UK Health Authorities Erect Biohazard Tents Following Influx of Sick Migrants, Spark Fears of Deadly Virus Outbreak

News of impromptu quarantine zone coincides with news out of India concerning deadly Nipah virus.

Health authorities in the UK have erected biohazard tents in Dover following reports illegal migrants arriving from France are “unwell,” prompting speculation they could be harboring a dangerous pathogen.

Photos show UK health workers decked out in white hazmat suits congregating around blue makeshift tents along Dover harbor.

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GBNews reported Friday they witnessed “dozens of people” unloaded from Border Force catamarans and led into the impromptu quarantine zone.

In a statement, the UK Home Office wrote:

“Precautionary measures, such as staff wearing protective clothing and enhanced cleaning were taken, in line with UK Health and Safety Agency guidance, following reports of some small boat arrivals being unwell.”

“This is a routine response with prearranged protocols which are designed in cooperation with the UKHSA.”

However, the UK authorities’ failure to reveal the migrants’ ailments has prompted speculation they could be infected with the deadly Nipah virus which has broken out in India with a kill rate of 75%.

Former parliamentary candidate Jim Ferguson sounded the alarm on X/Twitter Saturday, questioning if the tents had anything to do with the deadly virus.

“Its unclear at this stage what has prompted this however there are breaking reports of a deadly virus identified in India called Nipah with a kill rate of 75% see link on this below, which has caused global concern,” Ferguson said.

News of the tents set up in Dover coincided with reports from India on the outbreak of Nipah, for which there is no cure.

The Daily Mail reported Friday UK health authorities are “closely” monitoring the outbreak.

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