UK Police Mocked for Refusing to Say Gender of Purple-Wigged Suspect Who Exposed Genitals to Teen Girls

British Transport Police brutally criticized for labeling sex crime suspect a 'person.'

Image Credits: Twitter, @BTPBerks.

British Transport Police were brutally criticized on social media after refusing to identify the gender of a sex crime suspect who flashed his junk at two teen girls, despite a photo shared by police clearly showing a man outfitted in a dress and wig.

Police in Berkshire, England, Thursday posted a photo of the purple-wigged suspect who they say “exposed their genitals to two teenagers and masturbated in a station shelter,” asking the public for help identifying the “person.”

“At just before 3pm on 2 September, two teenage girls, aged 15 and 16, were sat on-board a train at the station when someone on the platform approached the train’s window,” BTP explained in a report online.

“As the train started the depart the station the person exposed their genitals to the two teenagers before making lewd hand gestures in their direction.”

“They then walked into a shelter at the station and masturbated.”

The department was roundly mocked for putting public safety at risk by refusing to correctly label the suspect, despite the fact victims would have likely reported the suspect’s gender to police.

“Does it help find criminals when you obscure important and obvious details about them?” one keen Twitter user asked.

Social media users pointed out BTP Berkshire has recently declared their commitment to “tackling hate crime” against the trans community.

BTP Berkshire’s tweet was heavily ratio’ed as of writing.

Let’s hope police use the proper pronouns when they nab the obviously male child sex predator.