UK Police Raid Child’s Birthday Party Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, Fail to Contain Islamic Celebrations

Greater Manchester Police was pilloried on social media for shutting down the child's party

Image Credits: Image Source / Getty Images.

Greater Manchester Police was the target of a large social media backlash after tweeting about shutting down a child’s birthday party out of coronavirus fears days after failing to contain jubilant celebrations on their street from the Pakistani community, who were flouting social distancing to be present for Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Three families had been quietly enjoying a birthday on a late summer’s day before the police arrived to dampen the occasion, reprimanding the homeowner.

Officers attended a property in #Swinton where 3 families were celebrating a child’s birthday in a private garden. The homeowner has been issued with a fixed penalty notice,” the official police account tweeted.

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Social media users were quick to call out the politically correct double standard in policing within the UK.

“Have you addressed any of the religious gatherings inside private homes in your area? No, you choose to ruin a child’s birthday instead. We get you have some rules to “enforce”, but your selective nature is nauseous,” one person tweeted.

Another person wrote: “Have I got this right? GM Police are actually advertising the fact that they fined someone for holding a child’s birthday party outside in their own garden.”

To which a man, claiming to be an officer, responded: “I’m a serving officer. I’d refuse to issue the fine and offer words of advice instead. Greater Manchester has high rates of violent crime, gangs and drugs. They should be focusing on this. We police by consent. All this does nothing for the community whatsoever.”

Despite the raid on the child’s birthday party, others called out the police department for failing to contain Pakistan Independence Day celebrations earlier this week.

Footage of illegal street parties appeared as dozens of mask less revelers took to Manchester’s “Curry Mile” to jeer at the police, climb on cars, and ultimately drive the police officers away.

Manchester, a vibrant and diverse major city, was placed into lockdown for its high rates of coronavirus infections. “The last thing we need is large gatherings such as this, as well as unacceptable attacks on officers attending the scene,” said Deputy Chief Constable Pilling about the events.

The UK Police has gone viral a few times since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic for the wrong reasons.

In one video, UK Police forcefully entered into a man’s apartment, breaking down the owner’s front door, after a noise complaint suggested that he might have been hosting an illegal gathering when his TV set was a little loud.

Another officer threatened to “make something up” in order to arrest an unruly member of the public who was allegedly flouting social distancing.