UK population 66 million: Increase of 400,000 in one year, 59% due to migration

England’s population has surged by a ridiculously high 8.2% since 2007

Image Credits: PRODavid McKelvey | Flickr.

New population stats demonstrate the huge effect the mass migration policy is having on Britain, with the population increasing by almost another 400,000 in one year, the majority of which is due to net migration.

The UK population is at the end of June 2017 stood at 66,040,229, an increase of 392,000 since mid-2016. 59% of this increase is attributed to migration.

Though this year’s annual population increase of 0.6% is lower than in previous years, historically it is huge. For instance, in 1997 when Tony Blair came to power, the annual population increase was 0.26%.

The ONS also reveal that the “largest inflow of immigrants to the UK was from Romania (50,000)”.

England’s population has surged by a ridiculously high 8.2% since 2007, a startling number that shows why hospitals, schools and other public services are struggling

The UK’s population growth as a percentage is growing faster than nearly anywhere else in Europe. The UK’s population growth over the past 5 years has been 3.74%, compared to 2.73% for Germany and 2.62 for France.

When we constantly hear about crisis for housing and pressure on Britain’s infrastructure, is it any wonder? Mass migration and population growth this rapid is a disaster.