Ukraine War Crimes Exposed: Civilians Executed, Robbed & Shelled

Massive thread contains hours of Ukraine war footage

Image Credits: patrick lancaster youtube screenshot.

American military veteran and independent journalist Patrick Lancaster continues exposing war crimes committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) as the war with Russia proceeds.

In the last two weeks, Lancaster has documented the UAF shelling civilian neighborhoods, robbing citizens and even executing them.

An extremely graphic video uploaded Wednesday shows a rotting corpse allegedly belonging to a Ukrainian civilian killed by the UAF.

Lancaster explained the body had been decaying for at least several weeks, but the Russian forces had only gained control of that territory days before.

The gruesome footage allows viewers to clearly see three bullet holes in the skull of the deceased person, whose head was wrapped with a plastic bag before being executed.

“This had to happen during the time this territory was controlled by Ukraine forces,” Lancaster told the camera. “So, it appears that Ukraine forces arrested this civilian man, put a plastic bag over his head, wrapped duct tape around his head and executed him and left his body to rot underneath this bridge.”

In the area where the body was found, Ukrainian military equipment and documents were scattered everywhere as they had a base set up under the bridge.

See the full video report below:

A couple of weeks ago, Lancaster documented a chemical plant being struck by a Ukrainian missile before coming under fire from shelling himself.

Reporting from the center of Donetsk, Lancaster filmed the aftermath of shells that struck a steel plant and talked with civilians who confirmed the missiles came from Ukrainian-controlled territory.

While in Donetsk, EMTs were filmed trying to save a civilian man who was injured by the Ukrainian shelling.

Lancaster helped the crew carry the man to safety.

Again, Patrick and his cameraman were caught in the middle of intense shelling while reporting from the center of Donetsk.

On the 19th of June, Lancaster documented constant shelling in Donetsk that resulted in several civilian deaths.

While traveling throughout the city, the wartime journalist walked with a pair of women as bombs exploded around them.

Later that day, Lancaster helped citizens dig through the rubble to try and find dead bodies.

The next day, the American independent journalist explained an estimated 400 shells hit the city of Donetsk on the 19th.

He noted that after he uploaded a report showing the devastation of the shelling, the Ukrainian military hit the same exact area he reported on for a second time.

“There were more shells that came down on this area hours after we made our report,” he said. “For example, this crater right here is new. When Ukraine fired this, they knew these were civilians here that they had killed.”

Continuing, Lancaster showed a grocery store that was hit by Ukrainian shelling soon after he published his report proving the zone was a civilian area.

Days later, Lancaster claimed a HIMARS rocket provided by the US hit another civilian area.

On Monday, Lancaster published a special report as the first English-speaking journalist to film inside the city of Kharkiv after Russia took control of the area.

After Russia took control of the city, locals began seeing the Ukrainian military shell their homes and other buildings.

One man who was asked if Russia or Ukraine destroyed the town more explained that “With airstrikes, Russia has caused a lot of destruction. When there were airstrikes, everything was crushed here. And now, Ukraine is firing, and in fact, recently a man was saved by Russians.”

Next, Lancaster investigated the scene on the streets of another city recently taken by the Russian, DPR & LPR forces.

Just outside the city of Severodonetsk in Donetsk, the American journalist walked past wartorn buildings and asked the few remaining locals for their opinions on the war and the state of their town.

One man interviewed described homes being destroyed by UAF forces in February, before LPR and Russian fighters ever got near the city.

The local said most Ukrainian-sympathizing citizens left the city after the mayor warned them war was approaching.

Because of this, the UAF soldiers assume the remaining people are pro-Russia.

When this person was asked how much damage Russian forces did to his city during the battle to take it over, he said, “Russian forces acted really carefully.”

He also explained the Russian forces didn’t really set up military equipment in the city while UAF soldiers allegedly fired on Russians from inside the civilian area.

Wednesday, Lancaster talked with a civilian back at the Azot steel plant in Severo, Donetsk who claimed English-speaking foreign mercenaries on the Ukrainian side robbed locals.

In a Thursday report, Chechen forces fighting for Russia showed Lancaster around a village they recently took control of.

The Russian and LPR forces delivered food to locals and talked with them about the war in the following report posted on Friday.

While Western media largely ignores the tragic war crimes being committed by Ukraine, Infowars will continue exposing the harsh realities of the war.