Ukrainian MP — “We Are Fighting for the New World Order”

They just can't hide it anymore.

Image Credits: Twitter / Fox News screenshot.

A Ukrainian member of parliament accidentally said the quiet part out loud when she told Fox News she was fighting for the New World Order.

Ukraine MP Kira Rudik used the term during a Fox segment where she admitted she and her fellow countrymen were engaged in a war to maintain the neo-liberal global order.

Asked if she was surprised by Ukrainians’ resolve to fight Russia, Rudik replied the conflict has been ongoing, but that this time the fight is more “critical” because it threatens to disrupt the NWO.

“I’m not surprised,” Rudik responded. “We have been fighting Putin for the last eight years and we’ve had three revolutions in our country when we did not agree with what was going on with the direction of where we’re moving in; but right now it’s a critical time because we know that we not only fight for Ukraine, we fight for this New World Order for the Democratic countries.”

The Ukraine MP’s choice of words were not lost on social media users, who quickly latched on to the term as an admission the globalists have tremendous stake in controlling Ukraine and keeping Russia out.

Of course when you have globalists like Satanic occultist Marina Abramovic, radical left billionaire George Soros’ son Alexander, and David de Rothschild pledging support for Ukraine, it should cue apprehension that there’s more to the conflict than meets the eye.

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