Ultimate Fake News Psy-op: MSM Falsely Claims Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Case

Jones DID NOT author 'Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,' and DID NOT lose a defamation case

One of Twitter’s top trending stories Tuesday was a completely false headline claiming Alex Jones lost a defamation case against Sandy Hook families.

On Tuesday, MarketWatch ran an Associated Press article under the headline, “Father of Sandy Hook victim wins defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones,” detailing a judge’s ruling against Moon Rock Books, publisher of the book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, authored by Jim Fetzer and Mike Palacek.

“Alex Jones is the host of a conspiracy-driven Infowars website and wrote a book titled, ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,’” MarketWatch’s sub-headline falsely stated.

MarketWatch’s article was subsequently picked up by Twitter’s trending algorithm and appeared for users searching the term “Alex Jones.”

While the mistake may have been in earnest, MarketWatch’s headline gives readers the impression Jones lost his landmark Sandy Hook trial, which made headlines over the weekend after Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis explained the FBI was investigating the source of child porn embedded in spam emails turned over by Infowars for discovery.

The outrageous fake news is the latest in a slew of libelous attacks against Infowars by mainstream media outlets, many of whom went out of their way to slander Infowars by falsely claiming Jones sent child porn to the families of Sandy Hook victims.

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