UN Demands ‘Moratorium on Deportations’ Worldwide Due to Coronavirus

Nations must also open borders to migrants, globalists say

Image Credits: STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images.

The United Nations is demanding a suspension of deportations worldwide in response to the coronavirus crisis, along with free passage for migrants and ‘asylum seekers’ seeking to relocate to more stable countries.

The U.N. Network on Migration issued an effective call for global open borders under the guise of ‘concern’ about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has led to the closures of national borders and tighter immigration policies in many countries.

“The Network calls on States to suspend forced returns during the pandemic, in order to protect the health of migrants and communities, and uphold the human rights of all migrants, regardless of status,” the U.N. said in a press release.

“Keeping everyone safe means ensuring that no-one faces the risk of refoulement by being returned to places where their life, safety or human rights are threatened. It means that collective expulsions, such as arbitrary pushbacks of migrants and asylum-seekers at borders, must be halted.”

The U.N. claims deportations can actually “intensify” public health risks in both a migrant’s origin and host countries, but doesn’t explain how.

“The Network reiterates the Secretary-General’s recent call to alleviate situations of vulnerability for individuals living outside their country of origin in the context of COVID-19, including by granting temporary residence to migrants and imposing a moratorium on deportations and other forced returns,” the statement says.

The U.N. asserts “many governments” have exhibited exemplary treatment of migrants during the coronavirus crisis by “temporarily suspending forced returns and providing visa and work permit extensions, temporary residence or other forms of regular status; as well as releasing people from immigration detention and finding safe, non-custodial alternative accommodations for them in the community rather than seeking their deportation.”

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