“Unabashed Nationalist” Politician Demands More Control Over Immigration, Cultural Preservation

Nationalist premier fighting globalist agenda

Image Credits: MARTIN OUELLET-DIOTTE/AFP/Getty Images.

Quebec Premier François Legault is demanding more control over “immigration, language, and tax collection” in his province, and “pushing hard for more power on an agenda of cultural preservation for Quebec’s francophone majority,” according to The Globe and Mail.

Legault, a “former separatist” and “unabashed nationalist,” also recently ordered federal officials to refrain “forever” from interfering in court cases involving Quebec’s ban on wearing ‘religious symbols’ in select public sector positions.

“Quebec is a distinct nation, free to make its own choices in areas linked to its existence,” Legault said. “I want the federal parties to commit to respecting Quebec’s choices in these areas, which are fundamental for our nation.”

Legault is reportedly working to empower his province to administer language and values testing to potential immigrants, and also assume more control over chain migration and the resettlement of ‘refugees.’

“Mr. Legault would like to impose Quebec’s language laws making French the workplace language on federally chartered companies such as big banks,” The Globe and Mail reports.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he is ready to collaborate with Legault on his proposals.

“I’m prepared to work with Mr. Legault to make sure Quebec has more autonomy in immigration,” Scheer said.

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