Unhinged: Mom Celebrating Jab for Kids Vows to Infect Unvaxxed, Calls for CPS to Abduct Their Children

Mom says after her child is vaccinated, she intends to sneeze on, infect unvaccinated people.

Image Credits: TikTok screenshot.

A liberal mom’s TikTok celebrating the announcement of Covid-19 vaccines for youngsters devolved into a psychotic diatribe as she vowed to infect unvaccinated people and even called for their children to be taken by the state.

In the disturbing video highlighted by @LibsofTikTok on Twitter, the mom claims she’ll vaccinate her infant child when vaccines are approved for her age group, at which point “all bets are off” for unvaxxed people she comes in contact with.

“Kids can get the vaccine 5 and up starting next week,” begins the mom.

“That’s great news, and as soon as these guys can get it too all bets are off, you anti-vaxxers. All bets are off.”

Elaborating on what she meant, the TikTok user, @JewelsMarie39, appears aware that vaccinated people can still transmit the virus, and says she intends to spread the illness to unvaccinated people.

“Yeah, if i can spread it like unknowingly after that I’m going to sneeze on ya, a lot of ya. A lot of you. All bets are off, because we’re all done. We’re all done with you. So as soon as these guys can be safe, screw the rest of you. Screw the rest of you. Cause we’re done.”

“We’re done. No more kind liberal here,” the lunatic liberal mom says.

The mom goes on to claim unvaccinated children will die, and says anti-vax parents should have their children stripped from them by the state.

“The sad thing is some of your kids will die, but I hope they don’t. Maybe they’ll just take your kids from you. That’d be good.”

The mom’s psychotic meltdown comes as pro-vax parents filmed their children’s celebratory reactions to learning they’ll soon be the next guinea pigs in the experimental “vaccine” rollout.

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